Jury Service

Jury Service is obligatory for every citizen between the age of 18 and 70 years of age who is entered on the Register of Electors. KCETB would encourage employees to make every effort to carry out their civic duty and report for Jury Service, when called.

An employee who is summoned to jury duty must inform their Principal/Coordinator/Manager as soon as possible. They then need to submit the jury summons on CoreHR.

Special Leave with pay is allowed to any employee who is summoned to jury service or to appear as a witness. The number of days leave granted is that deemed necessary by the court.

Should an employee attend for jury service and not be selected on that day, or not be required on any day/s during the requested dates, the employee is expected to return to work. Likewise, where an employee is required only for part of a working day, they must
return to work where practical.

Persons summoned for jury service can, under the Act, be excused from such service in certain circumstances. Please refer to Circular 11/77 for further reference.

Apply on CoreHR here

On completion of Jury Service receipt of letter confirming actual dates the person was required to be in attendance to be submitted in hard copy to the Human Resources Department

Any further queries in relation to Jury Service Leave please contact the Human Resources Department:

Ann Lennon (alennon@kcetb.ie)
Karen Hanrahan (Karen.Hanrahan@kcetb.ie)


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Circular 11/77 Circular 11/1977 Jury Service