Force Majeure Leave

Force  Majeure Leave covers emergency situations where, for urgent family reasons owing to an injury or illness of a close family member, the immediate presence of the staff member is indispensably required at the place where the family member is.

A family member is defined as follows:

  • Parent
  • Natural or adoptive child
  • Spouse or person who whom the employee is living as husband or wife
  • Brother/sister
  • Grandparent
  • Persons in a relationship of domestic dependency
  • Loco Parentis

Pre-arranged appointments e.g. medical/dental appointment for a child or other family member, is not covered under Force Majeure leave.


Duration of Leave
  • Force Majeure Leave is limited to a maximum of 3 days in each 12 months or 5 days in each 36 months period.
  • An employee who is on force majeure leave for part of a working day will be deemed to have taken one force majeure day.


Application Process
  • Force majeure leave cannot be applied for in advance due to it’s immediate/emergency nature.
  • In the first instance your absence on force majeure leave must be communicated to your: Principal/Director/Co-Ordinator/Manager.
  • The reason is urgent when the officer has to act without delay, there is no advance notice of the illness/injury and there is little time to plan or manage it or to make alternative arrangements. In this sense, a scheduled hospital appointment or a routine childhood illness would not attract force majeure leave. An event might be urgent on the first day, but not on subsequent days if the initial urgency has passed;
  • The need for the officer’s presence is immediate when the officer’s presence with the sick person could not have been delayed because of the seriousness/urgency of the illness/injury. The officer had to be with or go to the sick/injured person without any delay;
  • The officer’s presence is indispensable when the situation demands the
    presence of the officer. Nobody else will do, or will be able to give the
    support that the sick/injured person requires.
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Please note employee is required to complete the ‘comments’ section outlining details of the emergency.

Any further queries in relation to Force Majeure Leave, please contact the Human Resources Department :

Ann Lennon (


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Name Downloads
Circular 05/2010 Force Majeure and Other Family Reasons Leave
Circular 19/2000 Substitution for Teachers Compassionate Leave