Marriage/Civil Partnership Leave

Marriage/Civil Partnership leave is paid leave. It is limited to a maximum of 7 days, including Saturday and Sunday. It must include the date of Marriage/Civil Partnership. This week cannot be extended on the grounds that the school was closed during the week for a church holiday, public holiday etc. The first seven days are with pay. An employee may be granted and additional seven days unpaid leave immediately following the paid leave of absence.

It should be noted that while you are entitled to marriage leave, you are not entitled to substitution cover for your classes. Please contact your School Principal to arrange same.

Apply on CoreHR here

Confirmation of date of marriage /civil partnership to be included in ‘comments’ section.

Any further queries in relation to Marriage/Civil Partnership Leave, please contact the Human Resources Department:

Ann Lennon (


Karen Hanrahan (


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Memo V7 Marriage Leave Memo V7 Marriage Leave
Department of Education Letter – Civil Partnership Leave DES Letter – Civil-Partnership Leave