Vocational Training Opportunities

What is the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme(VTOS)?

The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme is a special range of courses designed to meet the education and training needs of unemployed people.


What are the aims of the Scheme?
  • To raise education levels.
  • To gain certification within the national framework of qualifications.
  • To develop knowledge and skills relevant to the workplace.
  • To progress to employment or to further education or training leading to employment.


What Opportunities will VTOS offer me?
  • A chance to continue your education and training.
  • A chance to develop new skills.
  • A change to gain certification at a range of levels.
  • A chance to find good employment.


What are the eligibility criteria for a place on one of our courses?

you must be:

  • over 21 years of age

and in receipt of at least one of the following:-

  • Jobseekers Allowance/Benefit (or signing for credits) for 6 months or more.
  • One Parent Family Allowance for 6 months or more.
  • Adult Dependant Allowance for 6 months ore more.
  • Disability Allowance for 6 months or more.
  • Invalidity Pension


Payments while on a VTOS Course?
  •  Courses are provided free of charge.
  • A weekly lunch allowance is payable.
  • A weekly travel allowance is payable if a participant has to travel over 3 miles.
  • Participants in receipt of some of the above social welfare allowances for more than 12 months prior to starting a V.T.O.S. course may be entitled to an extra allowance per week.


What does the programme involve?
  • Courses include a wide range of subjects and activities.
  • Certification is available at a range of levels, including the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate,
  • QQI Levels 3, 4 and 5 Certificates, and City and Guilds Certificates.
  • Courses last for up to two years.


Contact Information
VTOS Co-Ordinator: Ms. Geraldine Moran VTOS Co-Ordinator: Ms Una Hayes

Bishop Birch Training Institute
Waterford Road

V.T.O.S Office
1-3 Granby Row

Tel: 056 – 776 4719
Email: info@vtoskk.ie   Website: www.vtoskk.ie
Tel: 059 9140311
Email: info@vtoscarlow.ie  Website: www.vtoscarlow.ie