Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

KCETB has developed a TEL Action Plan in response to the SOLAS Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy for FET 2016-2019. There is a commitment by SOLAS to support the enhancement of TEL as part of the annual services planning process with ETBs. The baseline assessment and the action plan which is currently under review by SOLAS will provide KCETB with a strong basis for ongoing and enhanced investment in technology-enhanced learning to support innovative teaching and learning practices.

Key actions for the plan include:

  1. Ongoing Professional Development through:
    1. Increasing the KCETB FET staff capability through relevant, targeted ICT professional development
    2. In House Peer Learning and dissemination of good practice in ICT
  2. Learning content programme design:
    1. Review of current use of ICT to determine how ICT could be incorporated to further enhance the quality of teaching, learning and assessment
    2. Upskilling of FET Staff in blended learning techniques and methodologies
    3. Implement use of Moodle access into new traineeship programmes
    4. Assess the possibility of creating a KCETB Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
    5. Determine what programme (s) is compatible with blended learning
  3. Organisational Structures:
    1. Supporting TEL Initiatives
    2. Existing policies and practices to be updated to reflect the importance of TEL