Self-Evaluation and Monitoring

Courses, and the programmes with are reviewed at the end of the course at centre level. Such reviews provide an opportunity to review assessment methodologies, learner participation, extra curricular inputs, and other aspects of course delivery, and where necessary amend these based on learner and staff feedback.

Currently, courses are monitored at centre-level with mid-course and end-of-course evaluations. This allows issues to be identified quickly and to be responded to appropriately, as well as further supports to be put into place, if needed. Internal Verification processes provide an opportunity to monitor the assessment processes, while the External Authentication and the Results Approval Panel (RAP) meeting provide opportunities for the monitoring of results and issues arising from that particular assessment period.

KCETB has completed an Executive Self-Evaluation of the entire organisation, and a report outlining the results of the self evaluation is available by clicking here.

In 2020 KCETB continued its work in relation to the Executive Self Evaluation and the updated Quality Improvement Plan (QUIP) report is available by clicking here.