The Learning Experience and the Environment

The mission of KCETB is to enable learners to achieve their full potential and contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of our area and of the country. The vision and ambition for the future is to:

Lead the development of education and training opportunities throughout our two counties by engaging with learners and communities, creating positive learning environments and experiences for people at all stages of lifelong learning, and contributing to social and economic development.

Learners engaging on a KCETB FET course will be respected and treated in an equitable manner. Learners may link into many of the supports in the individual centres and services, as well as other activities promoting positive social and cultural learning environments through activities such as field trips, coordinated group projects or guest speakers.

Becoming a learner or trainee in KCETB: our admissions processes

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Giving Feedback on the Learning Experience

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