Learner Supports

Learners are encouraged, upon application for admission to disclose any special needs or disabilities they may have. This allows appropriate supports or reasonable accommodations to be put in place. Furthermore, KCETB FET endeavours to embed the values of equality, inclusivity and fairness across all programmes, whether that be through specific supports for certain learner cohorts, or relevant training in equality and diversity for staff.

Assistive technology is provided as required, subject to availability and resources. Teaching methods are modified to accommodate the needs of learners. A Health and Safety audit with specific reference to accessibility was carried out in 2016-2017; the audit has identified areas for improvement within the KCETB centres and FE buildings.

Within the Literacy Service, extra supports and assessments are being sought for those presenting with dyslexia. Learners are being assessed on a case by case basis to determine, the level, need and type of support required.

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