Learner Grievances

Where learners have complaints, they are expected, in the first instance, to address it with the person concerned. If still unsatisfied, they may take their concerns to the course coordinator, and thereafter may appeal to the senior management team within the centre.

Where a learner has appealed an academic issue to the senior management team within their centre, but is unsatisfied with the outcome of that process, they may wish to appeal at ETB-level. Where such an appeal is made, KCETB will convene an ‘Academic Panel’, an ad hoc panel consisting of senior managers from other centres, and where appropriate, external experts and / or an ETB Board member. This panel, appointed by the Chief Executive / FET Director, will review all existing evidence, examine whether due processes have been followed to date, and will either uphold the original decision of the centre, or make alternative suggestions.

The Academic Panel is the final academic appeal body within KCETB, and should the learner still remain unsatisfied with the result, they will be instructed to raise their concerns with the Ombudsman.

For more information regarding the Code of Practice for dealing with Complaints made by Parent/s, Guardians of a student or by a student (who has reached the age of 18) currently enrolled in a school / centre against a staff member employed by KCETB, please click here.

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