Becoming a learner or trainee in KCETB: our admissions processes

KCETB is in the process of developing one admissions policy for all Further Education and Training Centres. This policy will to promote equality for individuals, groups and communities through a consistent commitment to fairness, respect and inclusion. This policy will support a diversity of learners giving them clear and consistent information, as well as reserving the right to refuse admission where a learner is deemed either not suitable or not eligible for the course for which they are applying.

As new policies and procedures are developed that are common to all KCETB Further Education and Training centres, they will be published here.

It is expected that any learner seeking to access a programme has the knowledge, skill or competence required for participation in and completion of that programme. This may be determined by the learner’s current qualifications and where they sit on the NFQ. In cases where this is not possible or relevant, it is the responsibility of the programme coordinator, or another staff member such as adult guidance counsellor, to determine the individual’s suitability for the programme.

Throughout the year, centres hold open days / nights, information days and facilitated events to provide potential learners with the most up-to-date information about programmes. These events are hosted either by the centres or in collaboration with other agencies such as DEASP, Leader, and LEOs.

In addition, since the implementation of PLSS and, learners can now apply directly for a course or programme online. The admissions interview is conducted by a programme coordinator or a teacher on the course. The purpose of the interview is to assess whether the learner meets the entry criteria for the course, or to facilitate the learner to find the course most suited to their needs. If the learner is not successful in their course of choice, they may be able to complete another KCETB programme; learners are referred to the Adult Guidance Service to explore this option.

Please contact the centre directly for further information about admissions procedures and course-specific admissions requirements.

KCETB is currently drafting its policy on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for access to and exemptions from courses.

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