Current Structures for the Governance and Management of Quality Assurance

KCETB is governed by a Board comprising of 20 members.  The Chief Executive (CE) of KCETB is ultimately responsible for the oversight of Further Education and Training and its quality assurance policies and procedures. The Chief Executive has delegated the responsibility of FET and QA to the Director of FET.

The Director of Further Education and Training (FET) reports to the CEO of the ETB and is responsible for the delivery of high quality and responsive FET provision and the governance and management of FET.

Current structures for the governance and management of quality assurance

A QA Oversight group consisting of the CE, KCETB Board nominee, FE college principals, Training Centre Managers, Adult Education Officers and chaired by the Director of FET meets quarterly to review implementation of strategy and operational issues including quality assurance. Responsibility for the governance and oversight of quality assured systems within FET programmes currently resides with this Oversight Group.