Adult Education Service

“Providing learning opportunities for adults”

Kilkenny and Carlow ETB has a long history and tradition in the provision of adult education programmes. Through its Adult Education Service it strives to continually develop and provide a wide range of quality learning opportunities for adults throughout the counties of  Kilkenny and Carlow. The aim of the service is to encourage, enable and support adults who wish to return to education to avail of the educational opportunities that best suit their needs.

Kilkenny and Carlow Adult Education Service provides a variety of learning opportunities and supports to assist the increasing number of adults returning to education. Programmes are provided at centres throughout the county and have been developed in co-operation with a wide range of partners.

The Adult Education Service provides the following range of learning opportunities and supports:


 Adult Guidance Service

This service provides individuals and groups wishing to return to education with information and guidance to assist them in making the choices which suit them best. The service strives to provide adults with access to up to date information and supports them in making informed decisions for their future learning and/or career progression. This is a free, confidential service.

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 Adult Learning Scheme

The Adult Learning Scheme provides help for adults who want to improve their reading, writing, spelling or maths skills. Learners can work on a one-to-one basis with a tutor or in a small group. This is a free and confidential service provided during the day and at night in centres throughout Kilkenny and Carlow.

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 Back to Education Initiative

This initiative provides free part-time learning opportunities for BTEI eligible young people and adults giving them an opportunity to combine a return to learning with family, work and other responsibilities. All programmes on offer lead to QQI Certification from Level 3 – 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications. Courses are offered in community locations throughout Kilkenny and Carlow. Programmes currently available include Art, Childcare, Computer Classes, Healthcare Support, Horticulture, Office Skills, Preparation for Further Education/3rd Level and Basic Education Skills.

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 Community Education Service

The Community Education Service facilitates and supports community based education classes for a range of groups in local centres throughout Kilkenny and Carlow. Courses are provided in association with a variety of groups, e.g. Women’s groups, disability groups, active retirement groups and local development groups.

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 Evening Classes

A variety of courses are provided at ETB schools and centres throughout both counties. These range from short, nine week, hobby and leisure courses to certificate, diploma and degree level courses which provide recognised qualifications for career enhancement. More information is available directly from each school/centre.

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Training Services

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The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) is a second chance education and training programme for adults who are
long term unemployed and who wish to return to education. They can gain a qualification and develop their skills in a friendly, supportive learning environment. Participants in Carlow and Kilkenny can select from a range of six programmes which offer practical, academic and creative subjects to suit all needs.

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This is an education and training programme for early school leavers. It provides a range of learning options to help meet the needs of young people from 15 to 20 years who have left school early.  Youthreach Centre offers young people an opportunity to take a range of Junior and Leaving Certificate subjects as well as QQI certification. It combines academic and practical subjects with personal development, individual learning support and guidance and counselling.

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