COVID – 19

This is a very difficult time for everyone in the country as we seek to do everything we can to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

All Kilkenny and Carlow ETB schools/centres and services are operating line with the government restrictions announced.

We have put in place a series of measures to assist remote learning for students and remote working arrangements have been put in place for many staff so that we can continue to maintain service delivery in so far as is possible.

It is a challenging time for everyone including our students and their parents and on behalf of the members of the Board and executive of KCETB wish to extend our gratitude to staff right across the organisation for focusing their efforts on ensuring that the care of our students remains at the core of all our endeavours.

We continue to take the advice and instructions provided by the government and the health services so that we work together to protect everyone.

Stay safe and stay connected- Ar scath a chéile a mháireann na daoine- never was this more appropriate.

Kind regards

Eileen Curtis
Chief Executive

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