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Purchase Orders over 20k – 1st Quarter 2012

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July, 2014
Annual Financial Statements 2011

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July, 2014
Customer Service Plan

County Kilkenny VEC is committed to delivering a quality service to individuals, community groups and business interests within County Kilkenny.  We aim to deliver the best possible service to all our customers in an effective, efficient and caring manner.

This Customer Service Plan has been developed to enable us to review and enhance the level of service which we provide.  The Plan includes the following:

A Customer Service Charter

This outlines the level of service which you can expect when you contact us.

A Customer Service Action Plan

This details what County Kilkenny VEC will do over the period of the plan to ensure that we implement the Quality Customer Service Principles as approved by the Government.

A Customer Comment Card

This provides a means by which the VEC can obtain feedback from customer on the quality of services provided.

A Complaints Procedure

This outlines the process by which complaints about the quality of service provided can be dealt with in a consistent, fair and transparent manner.

July, 2014
County Kilkenny VEC Education Plan

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July, 2014