Internal Customer

Kilkenny and Carlow ETB will ensure that staff are recognised as internal customers and that they are properly supported and consulted with regard to service delivery issues.

Service Delivery
Ensure that the standards that apply to external customers will apply equally to internal customers.
Promote a culture of respect for diversity and difference amongst staff.
Develop a comprehensive range of relevant employment policies and procedures.
Develop a staff handbook which provides information regarding conditions of employment, entitlements and obligations.
Maximise the use of technology to facilitate simple and prompt access to all internal information.
Provide key personnel with training in procedures for delivering the standards and commitments set out in our Customer Service Charter.
Develop a regular staff newsletter.
Develop a system to facilitate regular cross-functional meetings in the ETB.
Involve staff in the development of the Education and Service Plans.
Integrate the Customer Service Charter and the Customer Service Action Plan into the ETB Education Plan and Service Plan.

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